New Feature: My Comments

One Thing That Became Pretty Apparent After We Launched The Tag Surfer, People Were Going To Start Leaving A Lot More Comments On Blogs They May Not Visit Regularly And It’s A Real Pain To Track Followups To Comments You’ve Left On (Or Even Remember What Comments You Left!) Well We’ve Got A Little […]

New Feature: My Comments

Zar/Transvaal: The Story Continues

Anecdotes And Legends Swirl Around Paul Kruger, Celebrated In His Day As “Oom Paul” — Uncle Paul. He Was The Immovable Cornerstone Of Boer Aspirations Late-19th-Century Southern Africa, The Keeper Of The Vow, Even As He Was Reviled As A Racist, Obstructionist Rube. Kruger Was Born On The Eastern Edge Of The Cape Colony In […]

ZAR/Transvaal: The Story Continues

Celebrating Pride At Automattic: “Every Person And Voice Has The Opportunity To Be Heard”

In The Final Chapter Of Our Pride Month Series, We Talk To Niesha Sweet, From Automattic’s HR Team, About Pride, DEI Work, And More.

Celebrating Pride At Automattic: “Every Person And Voice Has The Opportunity To Be Heard”

Tanzanian Doctors Sound Alarm Over Hidden Coronavirus Cases

Tanzanian Doctors Sound Alarm Over Hidden Coronavirus Cases
‘Corona Is Considered A security Issue, Not A Public Health Issue.’

Saskia Houttuin
Freelance Journalist Based In Nairobi

Joost Bastmeijer
Photojournalist Based In Nairobi

Tanzanian President John Magufuli’s Handling Of The COVID-19 Outbreak Has Been Slammed By The Opposition. (Emmanuel Herman/REUTERS)
The Tanzanian Government’s Tepid Response To COVID-19 And Seeming Lack Of Transparency Over Coronavirus Cases Is Fuelling Concern That It Is Covering Up The True Extent Of The Pandemic, According To Doctors And Health Experts In The East African Country.

The New Humanitarian Spoke To Five Tanzania-Based Doctors And Medical Specialists About The Response, Either By Telephone Or Email. All Only Agreed To Speak On Condition Of Anonymity, Such Was Their Fear Of Reprisals From A Government Whose Human Rights Record Has Worsened In Recent Years.

“There Is No Information,” Said One Specialist, A Health Adviser To The Government In The Commercial Capital, Dar es Salaam. “This Leads To A Tremendous Amount Of Rumours And Fears Among The Population ­– It’s Disastrous For This Epidemic.”

The Adviser, A Consultant Who Is On Several Working Groups In The Ministry Of Health, Said The Outbreak Was Being Treated As “A Security Issue, Not A Public Health Issue”, Meaning The Health Minister Did Not Have The Final Say.

“Everything That Is Related To Corona Is Now In The [Central] Government’s Hands,” Another Health Consultant Agreed. “There’s Tremendous Political Pressure Coming From The President’s Office To Control All Of This.”

Since Tanzania’s First Known Case Of COVID-19 Was Detected In The Northern City Of Arusha In March, The Government Has Officially Registered 509 Positive Cases And 21 Deaths. But The Last Update Was More Than Two Weeks Ago – On 29 April – A Point Highlighted By The US Embassy When It Issued A Warning To Its Citizens On Wednesday.

On Injustice, Inequality, And Being Black In America: A Reading List

Personal Posts, Essays, And Interviews By Black Writers, Bloggers, And Thinkers, Compiled By Our Editorial Team.

On Injustice, Inequality, And Being Black In America: A Reading List

The iPhone That Defined A New Era Plummets In Price

There’s Little Doubt That Apple’s iPhone XR Has Been A Complete Game Changer For The Smartphone Marketplace — Perhaps Even More Than Apple Had Expected Or Hoped For When It Released It Two Years Ago. At A Time When iPhone Prices Were Slowly Climbing Into The Stratosphere, The iPhone XR Became A Welcome Breath Of Fresh Air, Offering All Of The Exact Same performance specs as the more Expensive Models, While Sacrificing Only The Better Camera System And The More Expensive OLED Display.

As More And More Reviewers Began To Agree That The iPhone XR Was The “Best Phone For Most People,” And The iPhone XR Began Dominating Sales Of Not Just iPhones, But Smartphones In General, Apple Realized It Had A Hit On Its Hands. Although Some Still Viewed The iPhone XR As The Red-Headed Stepchild To Its More Expensive Brothers, Most Consumers Just Saw The Lower Price Tag And The Great Features, And Jumped On It Without Hesitation. By The Following Year, Apple Realigned Its Branding To Make Sure There Would Be No Confusion As To Exactly Where Its Successor — The iPhone 11 — Fit Into The iPhone Lineup. In Fact, Even More Than Two Years After Its Release, The iPhone XR Offers Great Value For The Money, And Has Remained Popular Enough That Apple Hasn’t Stopped Selling It. Now, However, There’s Even More Reason To Consider The iPhone XR, As Apple Has For The First Time Added The Classic Model To Its Refurbished Store, Giving You A Chance To Get The Best-Selling Smartphone Of 2019 At A Seriously Great Price.

iPhone XR Or iPhone SE?
Starting At $499 For A 64GB Model And Only $539 For The 128GB Version, This Is Such A Great Deal That It Could Make It A Tough Call For Some Users Whether To Buy The New iPhone SE Or Spend a bit extra for the older, but slightly More Capable, iPhone XR.

To Be Clear, The iPhone SE Is Still $100 Cheaper For The Base 64GB Model, Although At The 128GB Price Point, That Difference Shrinks A Bit To Only $90. With The Refurbished Units, The iPhone XR Also Makes A Return In A 256GB Capacity — Something That Apple Hasn’t Been Selling Since The iPhone 11 Debuted Last Year — For Only $629, Or $80 More Than The $549 256GB iPhone SE.

The iPhone SE Also Comes With Apple’s Newest And Fastest A13 Bionic Chip, Putting It In The same Performance Class As All Of Apple’s iPhone 11 Models. While Most Users Probably Won’t Notice An Actual Performance Difference In Day to day Tasks From The Older A12 Chip Used In The iPhone XR, It Does Make For Some Nice Photography Improvements thanks To The More Powerful Neural Engine.

On The Other Hand, The iPhone XR Gives You Apple’s Liquid Retina Display, Which Although Still LCD And Not OLED, Is A Notch Above The iPhone SE, Which Retains The Same Display As The Older iPhone 8. You Also Get The True Depth Camera On The Front, So You’ll Get Better Selfies, Plus Support For Face ID.

In Short, The iPhone SE Is Still A Great Choice If You’re Looking To Get The Most Bang For The Buck In Terms Of Performance And Rear Camera Photography, But If You Prefer The Better Edge-To-Edge Display (Minus The Notch), And Face ID, The iPhone XR Is Suddenly A More Compelling Choice Than Ever.

Refurbished iPhones
While The Word “Refurbished” Might Make You Nervous, It’s Important To Note That When Apple Refurbishes A Product, It Really Is Making It Every Bit As Good As New — And In Some Ways Even Better.

Consider That Tens Of Millions Of iPhones Come Off Of Apple’s Assembly Lines Every Year. There Is No Way The Company Can Test Every One, So It Relies On A Tight Manufacturing Process And Spot Checks, But That Still Means That When You Buy A New iPhone There’s No Guarantee That You’re Getting One That’s Even Been Turned On Before You Take It Out Of The Box.

Comment 4
By Comparison, When Apple Refurbishes An iPhone, It Fixes Whatever Is Wrong With It, Replacing Whatever Parts Are Necessary, And Then Specifically Puts It Through a Series Of Tests To Make Sure That It’s Working. Then On Top Of That, It Often Puts It In A Whole New Casing And Puts In Brand New Accessories, So You Don’t Even Need To Worry About Things Like Scratches And Scuffs. For All Intents And Purposes, A Refurbished Product Should Be As Good As New — It’s Just That Apple Can’t Actually Sell Them As New, So It Offers Them At A Discount.

It’s Also Worth Adding That A Refurbished iPhone Comes With The Exact Same One-Year Warranty As A Brand new iPhone, and you can Purchase Apple Care+ For It In The Same Manner, Which For The iPhone XR Will Only Set You Back $149 For Two Years, Or $7.99/Month If You Want To Go With A Subscription Plan. There’s Even Apple Care+ With Theft And Loss Coverage For $249 Or $12.99/Month.

How To Talk To Family And Friends About That Misleading WhatsApp Message Showing Empathy And Not Expecting Immediate Changes In Behaviour Are Recommended Approaches For Someone Who Has Shared Misinformation.

Combatting Misinformation About Coronavirus Can Be Thought Of In A Similar Way To The Test-And-Trace Plan To Stop The Spread Of The Virus Itself. Test A Claim For Accuracy, Trace It Back To The Source, And Isolate It To Stop It Spreading Further.

On Messaging Apps Such As WhatsApp, However, Tracing Is Almost Impossible. Memes, Posts, Videos And Audio Clips Are Forwarded To Contacts And Chat groups with a tap or swipe and no Easy Way To See How The Content Might Have Travelled Between Communities.

This Is Why It Is Important To Talk To Our Contacts, Especially Those Closest To Us, About Misinformation They Might Have Shared.

European Football Rumors On: Sancho, Dembele, Rojo, Neymar, Fraser Share Your Partner

Real Madrid Prefer To Sign Borussia Dortmund Winger Jadon Sancho, 20. (AS)

Juventus Have Been Contacted By Barcelona To Sign A Deal With French Striker Ousmane Dembele, 23, On Loan This Summer. (Mundo Deportivo – In Spanish)

Juventus Have Contacted Barcelona Hoping To Sign Ousmane Striker Dembele, 23, On Loan This Season. (In Deportivo-In Spanish)

Ousmane Dembele May Have Gone To Juventus
Manchester United Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Hopes To Extend The Transfer Through The Sale Of Players Like Marcos Spirit, 30, Defender Chris Smalling And Striker Alex Sanchez, 31, to the Effects Of The Evening Standard

Bournemouth’s Ryan Fraser Preparing To Leave The Club This Season, Could Be One Of The Most Needed Players In The League. (The Athletic)

Image caption
Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Will Have To Add A Pea …

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